Edge protectors


We offer protective cardboard corners of our own production for the needs of our clients. These products are produced by experienced production team on the modern high-tech equipment, by gluing cardboard strips and their subsequent forming and pressing.

Cardboard corners are used to protect transport packets from damaging, to strengthen the internal structures of cardboard boxes, safety of products edges and fixing cartons, roll and sheet materials on the pallets, etc.

Today we produce cardboard corners of various sizes:

  • external width of edges – from 30mm to 100mm;
  • wall thickness – from 2mm to 10mm;
  • length – according to the client’s order

By customer request cardboard corner can be constructed to specific individual characteristics:

  • Standard edge protectors offer security for each product transported by truck.
  • Printing can be applied to the surface. Customer brand info, its logo, and environmental manipulation signs may be printed on the edgebord;
  • surface can be carried out in any color;
  • edge protectors with double sided adhesive tape on inner or outer surface. This will make it easier to put your protection on the edges of your pallets or on the inside of your boxes;
  • corners can be produced with asymmetrical edges – L-type corner;
  • water repellent edge protectors will keep their strength in humid environments by using special paper grades and adhesives.
  • strengthened protectors with rounded edge, with increased strength
  • Wrap Around Edge Board for protection of products with rounded or curved edges. Your goods remain undamaged during transportation.