Cardboard corners for shipping in any color scheme. At the customer’s request, the surface of the edge protector can be painted in almost any color, as well as contain printed logos, inscriptions, etc. with up to 6 colors.

Protective cardboard corner is a relatively new, but already quite popular product on the Ukrainian market. The product is made of high-quality pressed cardboard, corrugated cardboard, has an L-shaped profile and is most actively applied in trade, light industry, agriculture, etc. But since it is absolutely environmentally-friendly packaging material, it can be used in every field of human activity.

The great advantage of colored cardboard corners is their easy and environmentally-friendly disposal.

We can make edge protectors of red, black, yellow, blue, green and other colors for you.

Colored cardboard edge protector

What is the advantage of this product? First, packaging cardboard corners will reliably protect the cargo from mechanical damage and sharp impacts during its transportation. Secondly, they will provide safe conditions for storage and warehousing of cargo, reduce the risk of breakage and scratches on the goods. In addition, it is recommended to buy cardboard corners for the formation of pallets to prevent scattering of bulk goods. Protective corners are most widely used for packaging goods on pallets or euro-pallets.

The main advantages of cardboard and other types of protective corners:

Strength and reliability of the material, which allows working with loads weighing up to 2 tons

Economy, as the use of cardboard corners reduces the consumption of other packaging materials

Easy disposal, since the protective corners can be recycled and reused, especially in the case of cardboard corners.

Methods of application: cardboard corner protectors home depo protection of the edges of roll materials when fixing on a pallet. Rolls of goods are grouped and held together with protective corners. The corners form the frame of the package, which can be easily wrapped with protective film or other packaging materials. Thanks to the adjustable length of the protective corners, it is easy to form a package that completely matches the dimensions of a specific cargo.

Such protective corners are made of cardboard by successive pressing of several layers and forming the necessary profile using special glue. The raw material is cardboard, which has increased strength. The alternation of multiple layers and extra-strong glue forms a strong corner structure, and the top layer, which is covered with color, will allow you to distinguish your cargo from others. Therefore, despite their “paper” origin, protective cardboard corners are very resistant to shocks, surface pressure and compression.
Protection of the edges when packing sheet materials

Today the company “Inter-Pack Ukraine” produces cardboard corner protectors of different sizes:

Leg (side) width – from 35 mm to 150 mm

Thickness – from 2 mm to 10 mm

Length – at the customer’s request.

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