L-profile cardboard packing corners are the most common, typical edge protectors with an angle slightly less than 90°. The legs (sides) of the protector are of the same width.

This design contributes to a better fit of the protector to the edges of packaged goods. Paper edge protectors are used for packing a wide variety of goods on pallets.

Cardboard packing corners are designed to protect the corners of the cargo (boxes) against external mechanical damage, as well as from damage by packing tape. They ensure additional stability and proper shape of pallet loads. Another application of this type of L-profile paper edge protector is to use it as a support for strengthening cardboard boxes. In this case, edge protectors of the appropriate height are installed at the corners of a pallet. You can buy cardboard (paper) edge protectors corners at wholesale prices here.

L-profile cardboard packing corners

Paper cardboard packing corners are used as special fixing elements of packaging designed to protect the corners of goods transported or stored in warehouses from physical damage and to distribute the pressure of the package. Paper corners are multi-purpose, protecting both the product and the elements of the packaging itself. For example, they protect the strapping band on the sharp edges of the load from tearing. Don’t miss the opportunity to buy them from us!Need something special? You can buy paper edge protectors with different parameters

Protective cardboard corners with a 90-degree angle are used for full cargo protection, creating a kind of stiffening rib

Cardboard edge protectors, which you can buy from us, are used to protect the cargo from scattering, strengthen the internal structure of cardboard boxes, protect the corners and fix the boxes, roll and sheet materials, etc. on pallets. In Europe, this cardboard edge protector is known as the L/V-profile edge protector. It is used to protect the edges of products from damage and pressure of packing tape, increase the stability of cardboard boxes under load.

Such protective corners are made of cardboard by successive pressing of several layers and forming the necessary profile using special glue. The raw material is cardboard, which has increased strength. The alternation of multiple layers and extra-strong glue forms a strong corner structure. Therefore, despite their “paper” origin, protective cardboard corners are very resistant to shocks, surface pressure and compression.

Today the company “Inter-Pack Ukraine” produces cardboard edge protectors of different sizes:

Leg (side) width – from 35 mm to 150 mm

Thickness – from 2 mm to 10 mm

Length – at the customer’s request.

You can buy protective L-profile cardboard (cardboard packing corners) corners at wholesale prices here. Printing and applying of color are also available. If you are interested in this product, please leave a request.Buy paper edge protectors at the optimal price here. In order to buy, leave a request
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