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cardboard packing corners. One of the sides of this edge protector is W-shaped, which allows bending it easily. It is used for packaging round loads: rolls, spools, etc. to protect their edges. Thanks to bending, protective wrap around corners provide protection in cases where regular corners don’t fit. First of all, these are rolls or any other products, which require to combine seemingly uncombinable characteristics: flexibility, strength and resistance to damage. Wrap around corners from LLC “Inter-Pack Ukraine” are ideal for these purposes. Due to their W-shaped form, edge protectors are flexible, which allows using them for the protection of easily damaged edges and ends of rolls, regardless of the type of product being packaged: paper or steel.

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Packaging cardboard corners are made of high-quality pressed cardboard. This type of packaging products is ideal for protecting the immediate packaging of cargo from damage. corner cardboard protectors made of cardboard are considered an additional type of cargo protection, but this small detail cannot be neglected. In fact, strong cardboard edge protectors can protect the cargo from deformation during transportation. This type of packaging ensures the integrity of products at the corners.

Most often, cardboard packing corners are used with products that are packed on pallets. This type of protective packaging is suitable for cargo weighing up to 2 tons. In addition to protective functions, wrap around corners can also significantly reduce the amount of main packaging. This provides additional savings. Such packaging can be reused, so the cost of corners is extremely low.

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cardboard pallet protectors is one of the types of auxiliary packaging material that is used to ensure the maximum protection of goods from possible damage and dents. As a result, the customer receives an intact package, and the presentation of the product is preserved.

Our company provides a wide range of high-quality packaging materials and cardboard corner protectors for pallets. If you have any questions, you can contact our representative and get advice. Moreover, please note that we are ready to consider issues related to order delivery.

Now, let us proceed directly to the production of cardboard corners. They are produced as a result of pressing using special glue that gives the corners increased resistance to mechanical damage. Please note that packaging corners are a unique product, since it can be used as an independent element of packaging, as well as when working with stretch film, tape, etc. cardboard pallet protectors reduce the risk of deformation of goods during transportation and long-term storage.

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