Corner cardboard protectors with double-sided adhesive tape. To facilitate the packaging of cargo (goods), we produce protective corners with adhesive tape applied on the inside. 

During packing, the protective liner of such tape is removed and the edge protector sticks to the cargo. As a result, there is no need to hold edge protectors during further wrapping with stretch film or packing tape.

Cardboard edge protector with double-sided adhesive tape

Corner cardboard protectors with adhesive tape protect cardboard boxes, end faces and packages of sheet materials from damage, the cargo – from scattering, the edges of sheet materials – from straps. They also increase the structure’s rigidity.


Fixation and protection of the edges of roll materials on pallets

Packaging of sheet materials and edge protection

Strengthening of packaging structures

Protection of the edges of sheet materials from straps

Protection of cargo from scattering

Prevention of deformation of cardboard boxes

Prevention of damage to the end faces

Corner cardboard protectors with adhesive tape will allow protecting your cargo packed in cardboard boxes easily, effortlessly and securely. You can easily stick the edge protector to a cardboard box and continue packing on a pallet without effort. Adhesive tapes may be located on one or both sides of the corner, the number of tapes on one side may also vary. The width of adhesive tape is 10 mm and above. Our managers will help you choose the optimal parameters for your cargo: the thickness of edge protectors, the width of their legs and the type of protectors. All you have to do is make a request by phone or email.

Protective cardboard corners are designed to solve the problem of transport and warehouse packaging. Used in combination with or instead of existing types of packaging (stretch film and strapping tape, corrugated box, pallet, tray), protective cardboard corners will ensure the safety of your products and help to prevent: Damage to the corners and edges of cardboard boxes during transportation and storage (four vertical or horizontal protectors are installed at the corners, and the package is wrapped with packing tape). Crumpling at the vertical loading (a special frame of corners, which is placed on top of the horizontal group of protective corners).


Adhesive tape width – 2 mm and above

Adhesive base – acrylic

Number of adhesive tapes on one side – unlimited

Printing and applying of color on cardboard edge protectors are possible

Leg (side) width – from 35 mm to 150 mm

Thickness – from 2 mm to 10 mm.

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