Rounded edge protectorsfor pallet edge protectors are characterized by rounded corners with a radius of about 6-8 mm. This design makes the protector more resistant to compression (damage) by packing tapes. They are mainly used for packing fruit and vegetables in cardboard boxes (trays) on pallets.


Cardboard (paper) edge protectors protect cardboard boxes, end faces and packages of sheet materials from damage, the cargo – from scattering, the edges of sheet materials – from straps.You can buy packaging paper edge protectors here.

Rounded paper edge protector

With the industrial and trade development, the need emerged to develop multipurpose packaging that would allow transporting any objects over long distances, avoiding damage. However, the existing containers (metal or wooden) were inconvenient. Often the cost of such packaging and its weight exceeded the cost of the product. That was when manufacturers remembered about corrugated cardboard and decided to use it for the production of convenient, practical and inexpensive containers.

Rounded cardboard edge protector has become one of the options for protecting goods on pallets. It has established itself as having low production cost and light weight, being reliable and easy to install. And most importantly, there is a possibility of its full disposal and recycling Paper edge protectors for the protection of pallets from scattering. Packaging edge protectors will protect your cargo from scattering


Fixation and protection of the edges of roll materials on pallets

Packaging of sheet materials and edge protection

Strengthening of packaging structures

Protection of the edges of sheet materials from straps

Protection of cargo from scattering

Prevention of deformation of cardboard boxes

Pallet edge protectors are used to protect the cargo from scattering, strengthen the internal structure of cardboard boxes, protect the corners and fix the boxes, roll and sheet materials, etc. on pallets. They are applied to protect the edges of products from damage and pressure of packing tape, increase the stability and strength of cardboard boxes under load. Rounded cardboard edge protectors can be used both separately and in combination with other types of packaging, such as strapping tape, stretch film, corrugated box, pallet. Edge protectors ensure the preservation of goods, prevent product deformation, facilitate the processes of loading and unloading, transportation and storage of goods. Do you want your cargo to be delivered safely? Strengthen reliably using environmentally-friendly

These corners protect fragile goods during transportation and reduce the percentage of defects. Paper edge protectors from “Inter-Pack Ukraine” are an environmental and economical solution for your business. Our company produces high-quality cardboard (paper) edge protectors, which provide reliable protection of valuable and fragile goods during transportation and storage. They protect the corners of pallets on all sides from physical damage caused by pressure or impact. Buy paper edge protectors made of pressed cardboard (paper) wholesale at low prices

Order paper edge protectors here We will surprise you with excellent quality and low prices. We can do everything! Moreover, they ensure the integrity of pallets. Our rounded cardboard edge protectors don’t take up much space and don’t harm the environment. We can produce edge protectors to order in any quantity and of any parameters in a short time at the customer’s request, and most importantly, at wholesale prices. “Inter-Pack Ukraine” is practically a leader in the Ukrainian market of edge protectors. We constantly improve the quality of products and meet the customer’s requirements as much as possible. We offer an advantageous and effective solution to the problem of transportation and storage safety.

Today the company “Inter-Pack Ukraine” produces cardboard edge protectors of different sizes:

Leg (side) width – from 35 mm to 100 mm

Thickness – from 2 mm to 10 mm

Length – at the customer’s request

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