Carton corner protectors with perforation, made by the Ukrainian company LLC “Inter-Pack Ukraine”, allow packing pallets quickly and effortlessly, without using additional equipment to cut off the excess length. The dimensions (height) of the pallet with the load, which the cardboard (paper) edge protectors should protect, are not always known in advance. Therefore, we offer our customers perforated edge protectors with a specific perforation interval and length. 

This allows you to shorten the corner with perforation to the desired length, which will save your precious time and money that would have been spent on purchasing additional equipment, increase the speed and efficiency of packaging. If you want to learn more, call us or submit a request, and our managers will be happy to help you solve all your problems. LLC “Inter-Pack Ukraine” – we know the needs of your business.

Perforated cardboard edge protector

The company “Inter-Pack Ukraine” sells a wide range of high-quality protective carton corner protectors with perforation. Damage to the corners and edges of the package, as well as problems with the stability of products during transportation, are the issues faced by manufacturers and all companies that pack their products on pallets. To solve this problem, our company recommends you to use protective cardboard corners with perforation. Protective corners with perforation keep the appearance of the edges and corners of your products, ensure the protection of packaging from damage and dents, facilitate the process of wrapping with polypropylene tapes. Besides, the corners add stability to the entire package.

Paper corners (carton corner protectors) with perforation ensure high packing speed, low waste, and most importantly, don’t require additional expensive equipment for smooth cutting of excess material. All you have to do is break off the unnecessary piece of the corner. You will get an even cut in the right place. That’s all – you just need to wrap the pallet with stretch film and load it into the vehicle.

Recently, the demands to the packaging of products that are exported have increased, so the use of protective cardboard corners in the packaging of your products is a solution to your problems with packaging. And the application of hard cardboard and special technologies will allow you to reuse the corners with perforation (carton corner protectors). Please note that the cardboard for edge protectors is made from environmentally-friendly raw materials and is suitable for recycling.

Today, the company "Interpak-Ukraine" manufactures cardboard corners of various sizes:

Minimum leg (side) width of the perforated edge protector –

Minimum length of the edge protector –

Perforation interval of the paper edge protector –

Possibility of making corners with asymmetrical legs

Possibility of printing your logo

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