Cardboard cores
We offer for needs of our customers, paper tubes of spiral winding it own production
Edge protectors
We offer protective cardboard corners of our own production for the needs of our clients
Cardboard pallet
To meet the needs of our clients, we offer the cardboard pallets. Cardboard pallets are made from environmentally friendly raw materials and are highly durable
Cardboard products
The main focus of our company's activities is the manufacturing and sale of cardboard tubes and cardboard corners. The products of "Interpak-Ukraine" LLC are not only sold in the Ukrainian market but also in the markets of many countries in Eastern and Western Europe

Cardboard cores

Paper tubes are used in the textile, printing, food, chemical and metallurgical industry in the production of various tapes, films, fabrics, yarns, paper, cardboard, etc.
We offer paper tubes (cores) with the following dimensions:
– inner diameter, mm: 30 – 200
– thickness, mm: 2 – 17
– length, mm: according to the client’s order.
By customer request paper tubes can be manufactured to specific individual characteristics:
– on the inner and the outer surface of the tubes, can be printed information about the customer, its logo and other.


Edge protectors

We offer protective cardboard corners of own production the needs of our clients. These products are produced by skilled workers on modern high-tech equipment, by gluing cardboard tapes and their subsequent form pressing. Production process and raw materials in process, not harm the environment.
Cardboard corners are protect transport packets from spilling, strengthening the internal structures of cardboard boxes, protection of corners and fixing on pallet boxes, roll and sheet materials etc.

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Perforated cardboard

Perforated cardboard (or microperforated cardboard) is very often used in cutting machines (systems).

This cardboard is covered with uniform punctures with the selected interval and diameter.

Width – up to 2.5 m
Perforation interval – any
Cardboard density – 60 – 200 g
Needle diameter – 1-3 mm
Maximum winding diameter – 50 kg
Core inner diameter – 76 mm.



Cardboard pallet

To meet the needs of our clients, we offer the cardboard pallets. Cardboard pallets are made from environmentally friendly raw materials and are highly durable. They are also easy to stack, fold and transport by road, air and rail. Modern cardboard pallet production technologies have made cardboard pallets capable of withstanding heavy loads. Thanks to this and other qualities, the cardboard pallet is now finding its place in the market alongside traditional pallets.

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    Save your money with cardboard products that benefit from fast delivery advantages


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