We offer for needs of our customers, paper tubes of spiral winding it own production. The products manufactured by qualified employees on modern, high-tech european equipment. To manufacture process, of paper tube and raw material in process not harm to environment.

Paper tubes are textile, printing, food, chemical and the metallurgical industry the production of various tapes, films, fabrics, yarns, paper, cardboard, etc. Production of cores, sleeves out of cardboard accord your parameters Production of cardboard (paper) sleeves in Ukraine. Wholesale and retail prices. Delivery is available. Are looking sleeve producer, the visit us. We are producers of sleeves out of cardboard. We are engaged in production of cardboard sleeves.

Cardboard cores

Cardboard cores (spools, sleeves, tubes) are traditionally used for winding various roll materials and as cylindrical containers for packaging loose food and non-food products. Paper cores of spiral winding of any size and color. Delivery, high quality. You can buy paper cores here. We understand that cardboard cores are the basis, without which it is impossible to produce quality products. After all, in many cases, the material wound on a core is several hundred or even thousand times more expensive than the core. Therefore, you have to agree that cores should be reliable. We have the lowest price for cardboard (paper) cores. Buy wholesale! Production of cardboard sleeves. Manufacture of cardboard sleeves. We produce cardboard sleeves at low prices

We monitor compliance with the strength indicators and proper geometry of cores. We use raw materials specially designed exclusively for the production of cardboard cores. And the fact that our customers are leading companies in their industries confirms the quality of our products. Don’t forget that you can buy cardboard cores from us. Wholesale prices, delivery. Need paper cores? Then order only from the Ukrainian manufacturer. Excellent quality, The cores are placed on pallets and fixed with stretch film and polypropylene tape, which ensures the integrity of pallets. Such packaging requires a minimum of time for loading and unloading and ensures the preservation of cores during long-distance transportation. Cardboard and paper cores are used for winding films, fabrics and fibers. A wide range of products. The selection of prices. Buy safely with delivery. You can buy paper cores wholesale here. We perform printing and applying of color, various diameters are available

Our customers use cardboard sleeves for various purposes::

Winding of textile roll materials: fabric and non-woven materials, fibers, yarns, etc.;

Winding of pulp and paper roll materials: offset paper, kraft paper, roll board, parchment paper, liner, toilet paper, fax and printer paper, self-adhesive labels, etc.;

Winding of construction and engineering roll materials: vapour barriers, roofing material, construction netting, insulation film, sandpaper, linoleum, etc.

Winding of packaging materials.

Намотування пакувальних матеріалів: клеючі стрічки для пакування, двосторонні клеючі стрічки, шпагат полімерний і паперовий, стрейч-плівка, фольга, мішки, пакувальні стрічки ПЕТ і т.ін.

Materials: depending on the quality requirements, various types of cardboard and paper are used in the production of cardboard cores (spools, sleeves, tubes). The technology of spiral winding and mixtures of adhesives give products special strength even with a relatively small wall thickness. Paper cores of spiral winding of any size and color. We guarantee delivery and high quality

The company “Inter-Pack Ukraine” offers its customers various types of packaging: cardboard core, cardboard sleeve, cardboard spool. Our main activity is the production of cardboard sleeves (spools, cores) and edge protectors. Cardboard sleeve (spool, core) is an important and necessary product in everyday life, in the national economy and industry. Buy paper (cardboard) cores. Low price, own production, delivery. Free samples Cardboard sleeve or, in other words, paper core from the manufacturer, which you can buy from us at the best prices. We produce cardboard cores only from environmentally-friendly materials. Cardboard cores are often used as pile (column) formwork. Thanks to the possibility of decomposition, such piles (tubes) do not harm the environment. Tubes made of cardboard are excellent for this purpose.

We offer paper tubes (cores) with the following dimensions:

Inner diameter, mm: 25 – 200

Thickness, mm: 1,3 – 17

Length, mm: according to the client’s order

On the inner and the outer surface of the tubes, can be printed information about the customer, its logo and other.

Outer and inner surface of the tube can be carried out in any color.

We can offer individual (atypical) internal diameter for tubes

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