To meet the needs of our clients, we offer the cardboard pallets. Cardboard pallets are made from environmentally friendly raw materials and are highly durable. They are also easy to stack, fold and transport by road, air and rail. 

Modern cardboard pallet production technologies have made cardboard pallets capable of withstanding heavy loads. Thanks to this and other qualities, the cardboard pallet is now finding its place in the market alongside traditional pallets.

Cardboard pallet

Transport your goods more beneficial and safer! We offer you the top quality, quick manufacture and delivery of your order

By using our cardboard pallets, you will get:

high strength und capability of withstanding considerable mechanical impacts

considerably lower weight of the product. The weight of the cardboard pallet is up to 6 kg, that’s why the structure is 80% lighter that its wooden analog that allows for reducing transportation costs

possibility to use for storage on racks with a permissible load of 1,200 kg

storage on the ground with an even distribution of the load – up to 3,000 kg

environmental friendliness – raw materials are fully recycled, which solves the problem of waste storage

biological stability – absence of insects and microorganisms, which does not require special labeling and phytosanitary control

prevention of cargo damage – no nails and chips in the construction of pallets

possibility of reusability

patented product in Ukraine and EU

possibility of manufacturing the products of customized sizes and moisture-resistant legs

the design is designed in such a way that it allows the pallet to be transported by a forklift from both sides

Today, "Interpak-Ukraine" company manufactures cardboard pallets of various size

600 x 400 x 128

800 x 400 x 128

800 x 600 x 128

1200 x 800 x 138

1200 x1000x 138

2000 x 800 x 138

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