Edge protectors with asymmetrical legs of different sizes. The packaging of specific products (doors, windows, furniture, etc.) requires edge protectors with legs that have different width. You can find such protectors in our range.These corners protect fragile goods during transportation and reduce the percentage of defects. Paper edge protectors from “Inter-Pack Ukraine” are an environmental and economical solution for your business. Our company produces high-quality cardboard (paper) edge protectors, which provide reliable protection of valuable and fragile goods during transportation and storage. They protect the corners of pallets on all sides from physical damage caused by pressure or impact.

Asymmetrical edge protector

Protective paper corners with asymmetrical legs are used as special fixing elements of packaging designed to protect the corners of goods transported or stored in warehouses from physical damage and to distribute the pressure of the package. Cardboard edge protectors with different legs are multi-purpose, protecting both the product and the elements of the packaging itself. For example, they protect the strapping band on the sharp edges of the load from tearing

Protective paper corners with asymmetrical legs (irregular side lengths) solve the problem of transport and warehouse packaging. Used in combination with or instead of existing types of packaging (stretch film and strapping tape, corrugated box, pallet, tray), protective cardboard corners will ensure the safety of your products and help to prevent:

Damage to the corners and edges of the package during transportation and storage (four vertical or horizontal protectors are installed at the corners, and the package is wrapped with stretch film).

Crumpling at the vertical loading (a special frame of corners, which is placed on top of the horizontal group of protective corners). Weight from the top pallet is distributed to the bottom pallet through the horizontal frame and vertical corners, without affecting the cargo. At the same time, the loads that such a frame can withstand reach 1 ton.

Crumpling of the bottom row of stacked corrugated boxes (protective corners are installed inside corrugated boxes at the corners).

Asymmetrical cardboard edge protectors can be used both separately and in combination with other types of packaging, such as strapping tape, stretch film, corrugated box, pallet. Edge protectors ensure the preservation of goods, prevent product deformation, facilitate the processes of loading and unloading, transportation and storage of goods

Cardboard edge protectors with asymmetrical legs (irregular side lengths) are a relatively new material on the packaging market, which has already become quite popular due to its advantages:

ecological safety;

harmlessness and easy disposal;


low-temperature resistance;

high strength;

resistance to impacts, compression, crumpling;

possibility of packing cargo weighing up to 2 tons;

practicality and economy;

reduction of expenses for packaging materials.

Today, the company "Interpak-Ukraine" manufactures cardboard corners of various sizes:

The width of the shelf is from 25 mm to 150 mm

Thickness - from 2 mm to 6 mm

The maximum length is unlimited

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